PGA Lineup Optimizer

Tips and tricks to generate better lineups with the lineup builder

Step 1 - Configure Settings

A good first step is configuring the settings. Configure the:

  • Lineup Limit (0-150)
  • Salary Threshold (decrease to see more lineup combinations)

Step 2 - Select Golfers

The lineup builder will fetch DFS stats and prices from Draftkings. Sort by price or a specific stat to aid your decision making:

  • FPPG (fantasy points per game)
  • T10s (top 10 finishes)
  • CUTS (cuts made)
  • AVG (scoring average)

Historical results are also available for some contests.

After selecting golfers, all possible lineup combinations will be shown. The lineups can also be sorted (e.g. order by highest fppg).

Step 3 - Confirm Exposure

Use the visualize view to confirm exposure to each golfer. An even distribution can limit risk, while a heavy concentration of top picks is another strategy.

Step 4 - Export Lineups .csv File

Click the export button and download your lineups as a .csv file ready to be imported to Draftkings .

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