Draftkings Lineup Upload

How to use Lineup Drafter & upload lineups to Draftkings

How to Get Started

Start by finding the contest you want enter on Draftkings. Do some basic math to calculate your overall budget:

($) Entry Fee * Number of Lineups = ($) Overall Budget

E.g. if you have $50 to spend, you know you need to make 100 lineups to enter in the contest with an entry fee of $0.50.

$0.50 * 100 Lineups = $50.00

Use the Lineup Builder

Making 100 Lineups one-by-one would be time consuming, so we'll use the lineup builder. Pick your favorite players, optimize by multiple parameters, and finally download your lineups .csv file.

Note some contests have a max entry limit. The lineup optimizer has a limit setting for this purpose.

Upload to Draftkings

Navigate to the Draftkings lineup upload page (https://www.draftkings.com/lineup/upload). Find the button to upload your .csv file:

Assuming there are no errors, you should see a message indicating that your lineups were successfully uploaded.

Enter Lineups in Contests

Find your contest and proceed to enter all of your lineups.

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